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Your company + Locals + Technology
= Nature restoration at scale

How we transform your
nature targets into action

We engage our partners to generate impact, and most crucially monitor it.


Carbon is a number, but biodiversity is visible, and social impact tells stories.


We visualise this impact and tell the stories for each 3x3 metre nature unit restored and conserved.

Restoring nature at scale

By collaborating with well established restoration groups and NGOs in our partner network, we work together with their local and indigenous experience to take action.

We scale this action with our drones and ecosystem analysis algorithms which empower our local partners to efficiently plant, manage, and most crucially monitor the nature that is restored.

360° Impact Data Measurements

We employ state-of-the-art methods, including environmental DNA, acoustic monitoring, & camera traps, to map out animal & plant distributions with precision.

Revealing the captivating species your subscription is restoring and safeguarding.

Easy to grasp for all your teams

Our digital platform provides a user-friendly overview of your adopted ecosystem.

Switch swiftly between macro & micro insights, look beyond the tree and see the rest of the ecosystem.

Constantly updated with data collected by the local communities you're supporting.

Sharing your impact was never easier

Your teams are immediately empowered to swiftly share your positive impact to your stakeholders.

QR codes linked to specific units of nature
Impact report certificates
API for integration in services and websites

All at your team’s fingertips, just by pressing a button.



Go beyond tree planting. With us, you create a positive impact for people, climate & nature.



We use state of the art data capturing technology to measure the exact positive impact you are having on this world.



You want your company's impact to mirror your business ambition?

No problem; we help you scale your impact with the click of a button.



Communicating about your impact has become a minefield.

With our dashboard, you will always know what to say & swiftly share it.

Why restore with us

Watch us in action

We partnered with Delta Blue Carbon in Pakistan to scale up their work in reforesting the Indus Delta.

Working with their teams to enable large scale planting within the limited fruiting season of the local mangrove species, covering up to 17 hectares per day.

Our projects - zoom to explore

Nature pioneers already restoring with us

  • A tree is an amazing organism, and our planet needs more of them. But an ecosystem is so much more than a tree, it includes the other plants, the fungi, the animals and all other life in its biodiverse magnificence. Our unit of nature approach looks beyond trees to report on the other plants and animals in an entire ecosystem, as well as social metrics for the humans that rely on it. As after all, we are all part of nature as well.

  • The number one cause of failed mangrove planting projects is planting the wrong species at the wrong sites. There are hundreds of failed restoration projects which have resulted in reduced biodiversity through planting monocultures, a product of a tunnel vision on trees planted and carbon as KPIs. Our approach plants trees where they belong, with a preference to letting them establish themselves naturally where possible. Our KPIs are holistic, including biodiversity and social impact to ensure adverse outcomes are avoided. We believe this is the only way that nature can be properly considered, restored and protected.

  • Key to our project scoping and project planning is investigating the land tenure and rights, and understanding the pressures that led to degradation of nature in the first place. We work on sites where the community is engaged and fully supportive of the restoration (and compensated for their stewardship and work), ensuring they value and protect it. We engage local and regional governments to offer legal protection of the sites through zoning or conservation status where possible. And all of this is done to ensure that we create stable ecosystems, not just for 10 years but forever.

  • Currently, we show where and how we collect each piece of data we deliver so it can be traced. We are still looking for the appropriate independent organisation that can help us ensure our impact and data is what we claim, and would love to hear if you have suggestions.

  • You can book a demo to see it in action! But to summarise, we measure impact through a variety of metrics based on data direct from the project site, collected by satellite, drone, camera traps and through environmental DNA and displayed directly on the dashboard. This allows us to show the carbon sequestered, the species detected in the project site (and how it changes over time), as well as the social benefits with both direct and equivalent monetary values.

  • Absolutely! We are open to sourcing new local partners to develop single owner projects in specific regions or locations where the impact can best meet your companies targets on nature, just get in touch!

  • The data that enables our claim is collected by our technology in the hands of our local partners. They fly the drones to collect the aerial data that is used for the carbon models. They install and maintain the camera traps for species detections, as well as collect the environmental DNA samples. Stay tuned for our upcoming whitepaper detailing the methodology comprehensively, or book a demo to see it in action!

  • Each unit of nature makes a difference, and you can meaningfully support an ecosystem already from a single unit.



We exist to restore coasts at scale

Greenwashing, greenhushing & co. Even with good intentions, it’s tough for companies to do the right thing. 

By restoring coastlands with us, you create real, holistic and data-backed impact that you can easily communicate with your stakeholders. 

Join us to restore 1% of our planet’s coastlines by 2030.

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