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We're on a mission to restore 1% of our planet's coasts.

We want to restore 1% of our planet's coast's

We are a young & energetic company looking to save the planet through innovations that scale.

Headquartered in the old town of Bern Switzerland with projects worldwide, we’re a small team who love what we do.


Our history in scrolls 

Cameron & Jürg meet at a drone trade fair in Frankfurt, and before long they are releasing live mosquitoes from drones to combat dengue fever at an NGO.


A new start to restore nature

After years working together adapting drones for medical delivery and social good, we decided to turn around our impact on the planet and started Inverto Earth.

Nature pioneers already restoring with us

Meet the the team at Inverto Earth

Dr. Jürg Germann

Co-Founder & CEO

Cameron Dowd

Co-Founder & CTO

Ryan Boarman

Lead Ecologist

Lelyana Midora

Head of partnerships

The story behind our branding

Our planet isn’t heading in the right direction. We wanted to invert the course of human impact, make the planet a little more “vert” as the French say. And from, this, Inverto Earth was born.

Our logo represents a mangrove river system from the air, the scales on a crocodile, the cells that make up all life on earth. It shows the micro and the macro and all life in between, that we want to restore and conserve.

We are Inverto Earth

Society, consumers, governments - we all know action is needed to save our planet, not just for the climate but for biodiversity too.

At Inverto Earth, we are taking that action, making it meaningful, data backed, and starting by restoring coastal ecosystems.


Our Vision

Coastlines for our grandchildren in a better state than our grandparents had.


Our Goal

Restore 1% of our planet's coastlines by 2030


Our Mission

Helping companies to scale costal restoration to impact people, climate and biodiversity.


First Pilot in Pakistan

We partnered with the world’s largest mangrove restoration project to provide a mangrove planting drone system for 76ha of mangroves. This can work!


Projects worldwide

Using technology to enable mangrove restoration in the United Arab Emirates and way down under in Australia.


Indonesia kick-off

Fast forward we want to enable a vision that goes beyond just planting, enabling a sustainable source of funding for nature restoration by locals.


We are just starting

Together with you we have the power to restore 1% of coastlands world wide. We have the partners & capabilities to do so, will you join us to write the next chapters?

Our Restoration Backers


We exist to restore coasts at scale

Greenwashing, greenhushing & co. Even with good intentions, it’s tough for companies to do the right thing. 

By restoring coastlands with us, you create real, holistic and data-backed impact that you can easily communicate with your stakeholders. 

Join us to restore 1% of our planet’s coastlines by 2030.

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