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We connect businesses with local communities to plan, plant and monitor coastal ecosystem restoration at scale.
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Our ‘units of nature’ are 3x3 metre units of nature, tied to real data, opening a window on ecosystem regeneration for businesses and their customers.

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Each 3x3m nature unit provides

Carbon sequestered
Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves and seagrasses can capture carbon faster and more permanently compared to many land based ecosystems. They provide crucial habitats for many species on land and in the water, and help stabilise and protect coastlines for the benefit of local communities. A triple whammy for climate, biodiversity and social benefits, which we measure and report.

Unlocking transparency

Data Collection

The right tools in the right hands - we employ state-of-the-art methods, including environmental DNA, acoustic monitoring,  camera traps and our customised drone payloads to enable locals to holistically measure ecosystem health.

Data Visualisation

Our digital platform provides a user-friendly overview of your adopted ecosystem, constantly updated with data collected by the local communities you're supporting, allowing engagement with meaningful impact. Integrate the data into your products or services to maximise its visibility and your benefit.

Data Impact

Our measurements go beyond carbon, detailing out the biodiversity impact down to the exact species that your parcel provides habitat for, as well as the social benefits through jobs created and coastal protection. The full picture on climate, biodiversity and social impact.

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