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ChangeNow 2024

The whole team came out to Paris with their shirts to work the stand at Europe's biggest sustainability conference, ChangeNow 2024. With over 30,000 attendees, talks from superstars in the sustainability space and a range of solutions for making the change for a sustainable future. And of course, a inspiring amount of corporations looking for solutions to generate impact.

Our stand brought a bit of mangrove diversity to the biodiversity section, with a demo running on the laptop showing our MVP, a jigsaw puzzle for the curious and a balance board linked to a unique Inverto Nature Unit via QR code (and also a lawsuit in the making).

To top things out, our co-founder and CEO Jürg got on the stage to pitch our solution to look beyond the trees and support ecosystems.

We had so many compliments and comments on our amazing colourful shirts, for which we can only thank the incredible Alexis from Mazy Path for the design. Representing a mangrove ecosystem in Florida, it brought a splash of biodiversity to our stand and stage. Mazy Path does many other amazing floral inspired patterns, so can recommend everyone to check out their website.


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